My 2019 Natural Hair Journey

I have been a naturalista for several years... but most of the time my curls were hiding under protective styles.

That was mostly because I didn't know how to style my hair!

I decided that had been going on for far TOO LONG and it was time for a change.

In my industry there is a lot of debate about wearing natural hair on air... but I didn't think twice before debuting my curls AFTER I learned how to style them 😊

In this video I chat about my natural hair journey and the road to wearing my curls on air.

Are you natural? How did you learn how to style your hair? What are your go to styles? Let's talk about it in the comments.

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Party Cocktails ON A BUDGET!

If you want to throw a party... without draining your bank account... this video IS FOR YOU!!

Half and halfs and straight shots are sooo for people in their 20's.... by mixing up simple cocktails and punch on your own you can add some class to your party AND save some money!

In this video we make two shooters, two cocktails, and a punch with THREE BOTTLES OF ALCOHOL!

Please drink responsibly - and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. Seriously.

Share your favorite cocktail recipes in the comments, we're always down to try something new!

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Making Time For Self Care

Burn out is a REAL THING!!

Many of us get so consumed with work, family, and everything in between... that we forget to take time for ourselves!

Self care is also MUCH MORE than relaxing

It's also the hard things... that you don't want to do, but you will thank yourself later for.

Let's chat about how we can make sure we're doing what we need to do to take care of ourselves! What are some of your tips for making sure you're at your best?!

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How to Create a Budget

Many of us shy away from talking about MONEY.... but not ANY MORE!

Some of us have probably made the same financial mistakes, and wouldn't know, because we're not talking about it.

I should have been budgeting long before I hit the 30 mark... but hey, it's better to start late than NEVER!

In this decade I'm working to gain control of my finances.

If that's one of your goals, this video is for YOU.

What are some of your biggest financial mistakes, and what's your best advice for correcting them?!

Let's talk about it in the comments!

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why you DON’T need a WEDDING PLANNER

Calling all brides to be!!

Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming and if you're paying for it on your own saving some coins is essential!

We got married in October 2018 - and after having a terrible experience and losing money with our original planner... we decided to do it ourselves!

In this video I'll share tips on how you can avoid hiring a wedding planner while having a stress-free experience!

...and check out this BONUS VIDEO of our epic father daughter dance. We went from new school to old school - and stay tuned for the SURPRISE ENDING!

Planning a wedding?! Let's chat about ways to stay stress free and save some coins in the comments!

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In a long term relationship? Just moved in together? You may have noticed something...

Your significant other is ANNOYING!

My husband, Brent, sits down with me to discuss what annoys us most about each other and how we are able to co-exist peacefully.

What is your partner's most annoying trait and what do you do to beat the annoyance?! Share your answers in the comment section!

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Let’s Do Our Thirties!


From getting married to having kids and getting your finances in order... we're going to talk about it all.

I turned 30 in December 2017, and I realized that life has definitely changed and it would be great to have a space to navigate all of the things that seem to pop up in your thirties.

I don't know about you, but I have definitely gone from looking forward to happy hour to looking forward to watching Netflix with some wine!

Conversations with friends are more about how we're saving to reach financial goals, thinking about having kids, and working through issues that pop up with our significant others.

I realized that on YouTube you can find a space to learn and talk about most things, but I didn't seem to find a space dedicated to those of us in our thirties... so I decided to create one!

We're going to learn from each other, grow with each other, and make this the best decade ever!

Look for new videos every Tuesday!

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