Let’s Do Our Thirties!


From getting married to having kids and getting your finances in order... we're going to talk about it all.

I turned 30 in December 2017, and I realized that life has definitely changed and it would be great to have a space to navigate all of the things that seem to pop up in your thirties.

I don't know about you, but I have definitely gone from looking forward to happy hour to looking forward to watching Netflix with some wine!

Conversations with friends are more about how we're saving to reach financial goals, thinking about having kids, and working through issues that pop up with our significant others.

I realized that on YouTube you can find a space to learn and talk about most things, but I didn't seem to find a space dedicated to those of us in our thirties... so I decided to create one!

We're going to learn from each other, grow with each other, and make this the best decade ever!

Look for new videos every Tuesday!

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