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DIY: Upholstered Stool

Brent came home with bar stools one night that he got for a STEAL!  I believe he paid $30 for all three.  There was only one problem…they were kind of hideous!  I knew I had to do something to them, and after thinking a bit I turned them from drab …


Get That JLo Glow In A Few EASY Steps

JLo is is impossibly gorgeous, and has been for quite some time!  Like many celebrities she has a small village, or glam squad, that keeps her looking picture perfect at all times.  That can discourage ladies like us, but don’t fear!  There is a way to get this look on your …


Super Cool Halloween Costume Idea

Last October I was working in Rochester, NY when a video of a baby in a stick figure LED costume went viral.  To my surprise, there was a small company in the Rochester area known for making the LED suits!  Of course, I had to go there!


Pumpkin Carving Contest: 2014 Edition

There’s an art to choosing your perfect match. Actually, it’s more like destiny, sorting through a maze of dozens of items that seem to be the same in an effort to find the one that stands out. I found mine at Whole foods, and for a steal! My beautiful pumpkin …