Colorful Makeup Tutorial

I'm not just giving you one colorful makeup tutorial... you're gettingTWO! AND I did my own box braids (say what?!)

colorful makeup tutorial

The braids were harder than I thought they would be... and for the amount of time I spent I should have micros! I love how they turned out and this protective style is making my life a lot easier, especially since I'm working out six days a week.

Sunset Eye Look

I think my favorite look this week is this gorgeous sunset eye. Seriously, it's like golden hour on your eyeballs... what could be better than that?!

I used Pat McGrath eyeshadows, and I finally got to try out her concealer. Spoiler alert: it's BOMB! Full review coming soon!

Easy Pop of Color

I ended the week on a low key note with his soft glam look.

I love how adding a tiny bit of color to the inner corner brings just the right amount of drama.

Watch to find out how you can make bright colors pop on your eyes!

And if You're Feeling Foxy...

Check out my take on the fox eye trend... see what I did there... LOL

This is an easy, on-trend, matte look to try out.

Which colorful makeup tutorial is your favorite? Let me know if you try any of them out!

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