It’s no secret. I absolutely LOVE false lashes. They give the eyes a lot of drama!  A few weeks ago I picked up the Eylure lashes individuals to complete my look for a party. While I LOVED the lashes, I wasn’t fond of how long it took me to put them on.  So, I figured I'd give Eylure strip lashes a try.

Eylure Lashes Exaggerate No 156

In Target these lashes looked full in the package. However, I wasn't sold on the wispy ends. I don’t have any lashes like these in my stash. So, I figured I could find a use for them.

When I put them on I was a little underwhelmed at first.  I love to see a difference as soon as I put my lashes on. I didn’t get that right away. After I started fluttering them around a bit I started to slowly fall in love! I really like the density of the lash. It’s pretty dramatic without being TOO much for every day use.

Eylure Lashes Lengthening No 80

I have a pair of Make Up For Ever lashes that are similar to these ones. I figured these could be a cheaper alternative, if I liked them. As an added bonus, this pack came with two pairs!

I LOVED these lashes as soon as I put them on. The length is just right! Plus, the band is thin, which makes them look pretty natural. My only complaint is the clear/white appearance near the band. Of course, you can cover it with black eyeliner. I left it visible so you can see how they look straight out of the pack.

Side by side comparison
Eylure Lashes

Both pairs come with an applicator and glue.  I prefer black Duo glue, so I didn’t try out the glue that was included.  I also prefer to apply my lashes with my finger, so I didn’t use the applicator. I believe both pairs were under $7 (I can't remember the exact price!).

Eylure Lashes

All in all I’m pretty pleased with this purchase, and I’ll definitely be checking out more Eylure lashes. Have you tried Eylure lashes? What’s your favorite style?

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