Lessons From NBC Anchor Lester Holt

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the new anchor of NBC Nightly News, Lester Holt. If you don’t know who Lester Holt is, you may have been living under a rock (and it’s not 30 Rock!). He’s been anchoring the Today Show, Weekend Nightly News, and Dateline for years.

Lester dropped some serious knowledge during his visit to Baltimore, and I’m so glad I got the chance to soak up some wisdom. What he confirmed is this–nothing can stop you from your destiny, even if it seems like getting there is impossible.

20150728_091601 (1)

Network news anchor jobs don’t come around often. People work their entire careers to get them, so once they get them, they stay. Lester shared that he had been anchoring for years, and working long days–Weekend Today in the morning, and Weekend Nightly News in the evening. With Brian Williams bringing in strong numbers it seemed as though an opportunity to move up wasn’t going to present itself.

However, what seemed impossible became reality when Williams became involved in a scandal.  Holt started filling in, and if you ask me he was the natural choice for a permanent anchor for the broadcast.

You see, sometimes we all feel like we’re “stuck” somewhere, or maybe someone got promoted over you, or maybe you didn’t land the job when you thought you aced the interview. Don’t get hung up on those things. Sometimes what you see as a set back is really a set up for great things to come. You just have to stay ready! Milling over what should have been will distract you from being great TODAY!

I have always believed no one can step into YOUR destiny. If something is meant for you it shall not pass you.

I’m so glad Lester came in and spent some time talking with the newsroom, and I look forward to seeing him on my tv for years to come!