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I haven’t had a relaxer in a few years now. I LOVE my natural hair, but I was noticing damage from styling it every day. It was time for a protective style, to give my hair a break. I chose to go the sew-in route, and picked up a few tubes of Indique hair.

I chose the SEA Bali Straight which starts at $85 a tube. It’s their lowest price point–billed as quality at an affordable price. I’ve worn the Pure Straight hair before and I loved it, except I couldn’t get it to hold a curl…and it cost an arm and a leg! The consultant at the store told me the straight hair in the SEA collection would hold a curl much better than the Pure collection, however, it would not be as silky. I figured I’d give it a whirl, and see how it turned out.

I got this hair installed two months ago and I must admit I didn’t LOVE it at first. However, I have changed my mind completely! This hair is EVERYTHING! It doesn’t shed, holds a curl beautifully, and blends well with my natural texture! Here’s a little selfie action featuring this hair…


It does need some TLC before, or shortly after installation. It LOVES moisture. I use Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil before I style my hair every day. It’s a moisturizing heat protector and works well on my natural hair. I wash and condition with Miss Jessie’s products. I style using my InStyler rotating curling iron, which helps me get beautiful, bouncy, curls!

Overall, I say this hair is worth he price tag. It hasn’t shed, and it’s holding up really well. Have you tried Indique products? Which collection is your favorite?

P.S. Here’s the link to Kady’s website, the wonderful stylist who installed my hair: She is AWESOME!


  1. Hello. I just purchased the Bali straight. I’ve always used Indique bounce relaxed straight, but I was told that the Bali is like relaxed hair and cheaper. I got it and it seems silky to me and the bundles thin out from middle to end. My Bounce has lasted me almost 2 years. I’m afraid that by my 3rd install of this it will be really thin. How is your Bali holding out now that its been a year?

    1. Hi!! The longest I kept my Bali was 6 months…and it held up really well!! I usually wear my hair in variations of a short bob, so I typically repurchase for each install since the cut is always a little different. I hope that helps!!

  2. Ok. Thanks so much. Do you think 2 tubes would be enough for a full sew in with leave out along the edges and in the top. Client services on the phone at indique told me that 2 tubes would be enough and their site says it too as well as other video reviews I’ve seen. I have the tahitian wave and it just seems like so little hair in the tubes. I ordered 12″ and 16″ but they told me they were out or 16″ and gave me 20″ at no additional charge. I figure i will let my stylist cut/trim as necessary. Any insight you can offsr is appreciated. Thanks

    1. No problem! My stylist recommended 3 tubes for me so that’s what I went with lol I don’t think she used the entire 3rd tube but she used most of it. I would probably go with 3 if I were you….I feel like it’s always better to have too much hair than not enough! But check with your stylist…she may be able to give you better guidance 🙂 P.S. I’m getting the Tahitian Wave for my next install!

          1. I got my install today and love it. I used one tube of 12″ and one of 20″ in the tahitian wave. I tried to attach a picture but am unable to do so in this forum. It looks so natural.

          2. I’m not sure if this picture will attach but I wanted to show you the Tahitian wave install. I love it.

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          3. The picture didn’t upload–but I ended up going with the pure curly. I really wanted Tahitian wave…but the sales associate at the store told me it wouldn’t curl back up if I got it wet, and I was going on vacation 🙁 how’s the hair holding up??

          4. Hi there! It’s holding up well. I haven’t straightened it. Been wearing it in its natural pattern. I use Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttetmilk on it and it moisturizes and makes it very wavy and curly. I love it! Thanks for checking in with me. I’m sure your hair looks gorgeous! I wish they’d open an Indique store in Orlando. They just had a grand opening in Miami.

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