So, many of the beauty obsessed were excited LOST OUR MINDS when we saw this email from Sephora:


I was TOO hype! First, there was the chance to earn extra points. I needed to re-up on foundation, so I figured this was a good time to buy, and rake in the bonus points! A total win-win! I already had enough points for the Becca reward, and I love their products, so I knew this was destined to be mine:IMG_20150803_165539

The email said the rewards would launch on August 10th, so like many others, I assumed that meant the rewards would launch at midnight (I’m on EST). I checked–no such luck. I refreshed the page obsessively, until about 1:30 a.m. and I couldn’t take it anymore! I went to sleep hoping the rewards wouldn’t launch overnight.

I sprung out of bed in the morning to check… still nothing. I continued refreshing, obsessively, about every 15-30 minutes… feeling something like this:


The rewards finally launched a little before 3 p.m…right around the time of one of my refreshes. Unfortunately, everything was sold out except the Smashbox set. It wasn’t what I wanted, but it was still a great deal, so I added it to my cart. However, when I went to check out I was informed the item was sold out and would be taken out my cart when my order was completed.


Talk about disappointed!!

This borders on SCAM for me! Sephora hyped up thousands of customers to make purchases to score the extra points to be able to get these rewards—only for them to sell out in minutes!

I’m definitely not happy about this, and I’ll be taking my makeup dollars elsewhere, unless they find a way to fix this GET ME MY BECCA SET!

Were you a victim of this atrocity today? Will you continue shopping at Sephora?


  1. That is horrible! I didnt have enough points, since I always spend mine right away (ZERO self control) but I did check out what was offered. Sucks it was all sold out right away.

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