Isla Holbox, The Most Beautiful Island

We were long overdue for a vacation, so we decided it was time to pack our bags and get away! I originally wanted to go to Tahiti (still on my wish list!) but our timeframe wouldn’t allow for that trip 🙁 After exhaustingly searching for a place that would offer beautiful scenery and pure relaxation we settled on Isla Holbox, Mexico. It’s a small island near Cancun… it’s marked with the “A” on the map.



Getting to the island is tough, but SO worth it. We flew into Cancun and arranged for Holbox Adventure to get us to our hotel. Our driver picked us up outside the airport, and then we drove 2 hours to Chiquilla (Brent fell asleep on the way!). The drive was super cool because we got to see a bunch of villages along the way. Once we got to Chiquilla we took a ferry to Holbox. The ride was about 20 minutes, and we got to watch the sun set on the way over.
20150406_194338When we got to Holbox another driver, Jesus, picked us up in a golf cart taxi! The island is very small, and there aren’t any cars (in fact, all of the roads are white sand!). He loaded up our luggage in the front and took us to Hotel CasaSandra. When we got to the hotel it was dark, but it was still spectacular! Our room was charming, and spacious, and we had candle light dinner at the hotel restaurant steps away from the beach.
20150406_204853 20150406_204843 20150406_204836 20150406_210419The next morning we woke up super early to check out the beach and I caught this amazing shot of the sun and the moon in the sky over the beautiful blue water!

After a quick bite to eat we went into town to start exploring! The really neat thing about this island is that there aren’t any resorts and it’s not all commercialized. The businesses are owned by people who live there, and there’s tons to check out! Plus, you can walk everywhere 🙂



…Even though you can walk, we decided to rent bikes to do EVEN MORE exploring! And at 50 pesos for an hour, they were a steal!
20150407_095805Unfortunately, Brent did not think I was a good bike rider! Lol


The next day we went for a tour of three nearby islands. Raul was our captain and took us, and a few others to the bird island, a natural spring, and my favorite part–passion island! Passion island was spectacular! The water was clear, and I found a bunch of pink sea shells! We even got to see a crab–but we didn’t go too close to it haha.



20150408_134216   20150408_135124

After the tour we were treated to another golf cart taxi ride…and I got this one on camera!


After the tour we ran into this family. The dad chased us down and said his children had never met African American people. The kids were so sweet, and after a short chat they asked to take a picture with us–so we turned the tables and asked for a picture with them too! They told us to look them up if we ever come back!

All in all it was an AMAZING vacation! Couldn’t have asked for a better one! I would truly recommend this magical island if you’re looking for a relaxing escape from the real world. With no TV in our room, and WiFi in select places we truly unplugged and got recharged!

Are you getting away any time soon? I’d love to see where you’re going 🙂

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    I’m glad you both enjoyed yourselves. Mexico, is such a beautiful country. I can’t wait to visit there again….ahhhh

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