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MAC Art Library: Flame-Boyant Review

MAC Art Library: Flame-Boyant Review I remember walking past MAC Cosmetics displays often in high school and college when I worked at Foot Locker. Before teenagers were hiring makeup artists for prom and graduation, the MAC counter was THAT GIRL! Y’all know me, I love trying new brands and products. That’s great, but sometimes I […]

Make It BLACK: Morphe and Maybelline

Make It BLACK According to Make It Black, “in 2020 less than 1% of available capital went to Black-owned businesses.” That’s why Pull Up For Change is starting this initiative. Make It Black is advocating for the redefinition of Black by partnering with brands to turn their most iconic products black. In addition to that, […]

Skinimalism: 2021 Beauty Trend

Skinimalism: 2021 Beauty Trend Skinimalism is supposed to be a big beauty trend in 2021! It’s all about minimalism in your makeup routine. In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff! Skinimalism is about embracing your flaws versus trying to cover them up with layers of makeup. This is a really cool trend! Sometimes we […]

Holiday Traditions + Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Fun Holiday Traditions for 2020 It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I’m sharing a few of my favorite holiday traditions! Plus, a holiday glam makeup tutorial! Here are three unique holiday traditions to try this year. December is probably my favorite month of the year! It’s my birthday month. All the holidays and […]