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How to Avoid Arguments with Your Spouse

You may have noticed something. Your significant other is ANNOYING! Here's what to do when your spouse is annoying!

Now, I don't think I'm THAT annoying. However, my husband would probably disagree. When I asked him to record this video, he had no problem coming up with annoying traits!

Brent's top complaints are that I chew too loudly, talk too much, and when I ask him to do chores. My top three are when he scrapes metal utensils on our stainless steel pans, when he listens to music and the tv super loud, and when he leaves his clothes everywhere.

What to do When Your Spouse is Annoying

Despite being annoyed with each other at times, we're able to exist peacefully. We avoid arguments by communicating in a calm and respectful manner before we get too annoyed with each other. Also, we take each other's feelings into consideration. We know what annoys each other and try to avoid doing those things. Lastly, use humor to ease the mood. For us, making jokes helps break the tension.

What is your partner's most annoying trait and what do you do to beat the annoyance?! Share your answers in the comment section!

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