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Beyonce Black Is King Makeup

Ok listen... what are you doing with your life if you haven't watched Black Is King by now?! Beyonce serves up visuals as only she can! The choreography, cinematography, stunning locations, and of course glam! That hair swing in ALREADY! COME ON! I am inspired, and of course, I had to do a Black Is King Beyonce makeup tutorial!

So Many Looks to Choose From

There are so many beautiful moments in this film.

This crystal brow look is so unique and creative. I love how the turban, bodysuit, and earrings compliment the brows without being too much.

Black Is King Beyonce Makeup

I also love the soft glam moment in this water scene.

The pink lip pops but doesn't outshine that gorgeous dress. This look is really simple but it still makes a statement.

Black Is King Beyonce Makeup

While these are great, this gold on gold moment is one of my favorites.

The outfit is just beyond! Plus, I love how the makeup is all gold toned.

I wouldn't think to pair an all gold outfit with a gold lip and eye. However, it works so well here. Everything plays together nicely.


So, naturally, this is the inspiration for my Black Is King Beyonce makeup tutorial!

Key Products and Makeup Tutorial

Key Products
I used three Pat McGrath Labs products
to create this glimmering gold lid: the Midnight Sun and Subversive Eye Ecstasy palettes topped with Chromaluxe Highlight Cream. I combined these products to create a gold that is really bold and to give the color some dimension. The products work really well together and the end result is simply stunning!

I created the golden pout using the PMG Labs gold pigment and lip balm. I used a brown lip liner to finish the look.

Want to recreate this look? Check out this tutorial!


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