How To: Colorful Eyeshadow Tutorial

Something very exciting happened last weekend. I took my first ever virtual make up class! Make Up For Ever offered the class.

colorful eyeshadow tutorial

How to get Radiant Skin

I have been a fan of Make Up For Ever for quite some time. It's one of the first high-end brands I bought products from.  The class focused on radiant skin and high impact eyes. I learned new techniques to create a lit from within look. Plus, I got tips to really make the eyes pop.

Soft Glam

Who doesn't love a soft glam moment? Achieving glowing skin without looking greasy can be tough. However, a good glow can really elevate a look.

Here's how you can get this look.

First, apply a primer. Next, apply a cream highlighter. The highlighter is applied to the high points of the face. After that, set the highlight with setting spray. Then, apply foundation and setting powder. In order to maintain the glow, avoid applying foundation over the cream highlighter. Finish by dusting a bit of powder highlighter on top of the cream highlight. COME ON GLOW!

Colorful Eyeshadow Tutorial

This colorful eyeshadow tutorial brought me out of my comfort zone. I don't typically use a ton of colored eyeshadows. The skin is radiant and pretty natural, keeping the focus on the bold eye. While I usually reach for a nude or neutral lip color, I decided to carry the pink from my eyes to my lips to complete this colorful look!

Check out the video tutorial!

Want glowing skin without makeup? Check out this skincare routine!


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