DIY IKEA Vanity: IKEA Dressing Table

diy ikea vanity

How To: DIY Ikea Vanity

I’ve always dreamed of bringing a little Hollywood glamour into my home and that dream has finally come true with this DIY Ikea Vanity!  Plus, it only cost me $160!!

Shopping List

What you’ll need from IKEA:
  • Ekby Alex shelf with drawer ($46.99), get it here.
  • Ekby Mans Bracket – this is the one I chose, but there are others.  These do NOT come with screws to install them. ($7.50 for two), Get it here.
  • Musk wall lamp–you’ll need two of these ($14.99 each), get them here.
  • Kolja Mirror ($9.99), get it here.
What you’ll need from Home Depot:
  • Power cord–you’ll need two of these ($13.97 each), get them here.
  • Wire connectors ($2.97 for 25), get them here.
  • Electrical tape ($1.97), get it here.
  • Light bulbs -these are 40 watt, mine are 60 which means they’re brighter.  You’ll need 3 packs, ($9.97 each), get them here.
  • Extension cord ($4.24), get it here.
  • OPTIONAL: if you are installing this on drywall you will need METAL wall anchors.  The plastic ones won’t do.  You’ll need a pack of four.  If you don’t need anchors you can just use 4 screws.

Assembly Instructions

Start by building the shelf.  I know Ikea furniture is super frustrating to put together, but I promise you this was an easy build!  It took me about 30 minutes and I did it all by myself.  After that, decide where you’re going to put the brackets on the wall and install them.  Then, install the shelf.

After that, I connected the lights to the power cords.  You’ll remove the caps from the white and black wires.  Connect them with the corresponding colors by twisting them together.  Then, twist the wire connectors on until they’re tight.  Secure them with electrical tape.  I also used electrical tape to tape down the two wires that aren’t connected.

Then, place your lights on the wall and screw them in.

Once the lights are placed, install the mirror.  I screwed two clips on the bottom and two on the sides.

How Much Storage You Get

The drawers aren’t super tall, so you’ll have to lay your foundations and other larger items down to fit them in.  However, I have been able to store a good amount of eye shadow palettes.

I’m planning on getting another organizer to place below my vanity to store some of my other products.

Let me know if you’re going to give this project a shot, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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