Ikea Nightstand Hack: DIY Ikea Nightstands

ikea nightstand hack

How To: Ikea Nightstand Hack

I love decorating but I’m also super indecisive and it takes me 5 million months to make a decision on the smallest pieces of furniture. I know I can’t be the only person who does this! I’m here to help with this Ikea nightstand hack.

We moved to a bigger apartment (yay) and got rid of our bed that had storage drawers underneath. That left us with a bunch of things with no home. So, I had to find a solution ASAP. That’s how I decided on this super easy Ikea nightstand hackIt’s an affordable DIY project, and I love the look of them in our bedroom.

What to Buy from Ikea

I picked up two of the Rast 3-drawer chests from IKEA. They were originally $34.99 but I got mine on sale for $17.99. Assembly was fairly simple. Here’s what it looked like after I put it together.

ikea nightstand hack
ikea nightstand hack

How to Stain the Drawers

I used liquid RIT fabric dye to stain the drawers. It’s the simplest and most cost-efficient way to achieve the dark wood look without a ton of chemicals and FUMES!

I followed the instructions on the bottle and then used a cloth to apply it to the drawers. After that, I sealed them with polyurethane. Then I painted the frame and the knobs white.

I was happy with the finished product but those darn knobs were bothering me!! It took me a while, but I finally found these bronze knobs at Marshall’s, and then, I was in LOVE!

ikea nightstand hack

Finishing Touches

We upcycled some clear plastic (yuck!) lamps that were hideous and now they compliment the nightstands well! I spray painted the lamps white and picked up white lamp shades from Target.

The total for both nightstands was under $60 – and altogether I spent about 8-12 hours assembling, staining, and painting. Let me know if you give this IKEA nightstand hack a try!

ikea nightstand hack
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