Quick Everyday Makeup Routine

For me there's nothing scarier than hearing, "get ready fast." (insert panic attack!) My makeup usually takes me about 30-45 minutes, so I knew I needed a quick everyday makeup routine that I could use in a pinch.

Quick Everyday Makeup

Full Face in Six Minutes

I came up with this quick everyday makeup for a full face that only takes six minutes. You read that right SIX MINUTES!

You can save time by:

  • Using a skin tint. Skin tint blends out very easily and doesn't need to be set with powder.
  • Limiting your tools. Use the same brush to blend out your skin tint, concealer, and highlight.
  • Using multitasking products. A matte lipstick can double as a blush. Cream highlighter can work as eye color. Be creative!
  • Not sweating the small stuff. Don't worry about having snatched brows, use a gel instead of a pencil. Skip applying mascara to bottom lashes. Use a natural gloss so you don't need lip liner.

My key products:

WATCH to see this quick everyday makeup routine in action! How long does your everyday makeup take?

If you're feeling a little more fancy check out this colorful eyeshadow tutorial!


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