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Natural Hair Blowout at Home

It took me forever to figure out my blow outs were struggling because of the wrong tools!

After changing products so many times and getting the same results, I decided to try new tools. Guess what? My natural hair blowouts went from zero to 100 real quick!

Preparing Your Hair For Blow Drying

Right after I finish washing I apply my blow dry cream and serum. Currently, I'm using Wella Perfect Me Lightweight Beauty Balm BB Lotion along with KeraCare Silken Seal Blow Drying Complex.

This step is key! Wrap your hair in a soft cotton t-shirt or tank top. Leave it on until your hair is mostly dry. For me, that's usually about 15 minutes.


When it comes to detangling I always grab my Denman Flexible Vent Brush. I love that the bristles are made from flexible plastic. It provides just the right amount of tension for detangling.

natural hair blow out

After that, I twist that section of my hair (two-strand twist) and secure it with a clip. That keeps it detangled and out of the way while I continue working.

Essential Tools for a Natural Hair Blow Out

This may seem obvious, but your blowdryer is super important. If you're like me, spending more than $50 on a blow dryer seems ridiculous! I finally caved and bought a prestige blow dryer when I saved up enough Ulta Rewards points for $125 off the purchase. After doing a ton of research I bought the Rusk Speed Freak. It features ceramic and tourmaline to produce frizz-free, static-free shine and faster drying time.

This blow dryer lives up to its $100+ price tag. It has Three heat settings, two speeds, and a cool button. The concentrator nozzle is also included!

natural hair blow out

Fromm's The Intuition Hot Paddle Brush is that girl. It's $20, which is a lot for a brush, but it will not let you down! The ceramic plated paddle retains heat to reduce drying time.

natural hair blow out

The width of the paddle is great! It allows me to dry large sections of my hair easily.

Because this blow dryer is so powerful, and the brush retains heat, I start with the warm setting to dry my hair. Then I do a couple passes on high to smooth it out.

natural hair blowout

Also, you want to make sure you're directing the air just over the bristles and not directly on your hair to prevent damage.

The result is a gorgeous, shiny, natural hair blow out at home! Are you more of a visual learner? Check out this step-by-step video tutorial!

natural hair blowout

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