My Natural Hair Journey: Going Natural On Air

natural hair journey

Natural Hair as a TV News Reporter

I have been a naturalista for several years. My curls were hiding under protective styles during most of my natural hair journey.

That was mostly because I didn’t know how to style my hair!

I decided that had been going on for far TOO LONG. It was time for a change.

Natural Hair Journey: Going Natural On Air

I spent more than a decade working as a television news reporter and anchor. There is a lot of debate about wearing natural hair on air.

However, I didn’t think twice before debuting my curls AFTER I learned how to style them! 😊

Learning how to style my curls

I headed to YouTube University to learn how to style my natural hair. Janae Mason’s channel is a lifesaver! By watching her videos I learned how to do flexi and perm rod sets. It’s not nearly as hard as I thought.

Check out this video showing how I achieve a great flexi rod set on natural hair.

The natural hair journey isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it! I love how healthy my hair is now. Are you natural? How did you learn how to style your hair? What are your go-to styles? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

Vanessa Herring
Vanessa Herring
I am an award winning news reporter and anchor creating beauty, skincare and lifestyle content. I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and my career as a news anchor and reporter took me to snowy to Erie, Pennsylvania... Rochester, New York... Baltimore, Maryland... and Washington, D.C. I currently reside in the Philadelphia area with my husband.

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