How To Make Seamless Clip-in Hair Extensions

seamless clip-in hair extensions

DIY: Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions

I love clip-ins because they’re easy to install, give instant results, and there’s no commitment. I’ve had my eye on seamless clip-in hair extensions for a while… but I was not a fan of the price!

just knew I could make them – and save some coins! This video from Hair Wefting Tape helped me get started. After doing some more research I resurrected a few bundles from a previous sew-in and created my own seamless clip-in hair extensions!

What you’ll need:

seamless clip in hair extensions

How to Make the Clip Ins:

  • Measure and cut your wefts. I made:
    • 1: 4-clip weft measuring 8 1/2 inches
    • 2: 3-clip wefts measuring 5 3/8 inches
    • 1: 2-clip weft measuring 5 1/2 inches
    • 5: 2-clip wefts measuring 3 3/8 inches
    • 2: 1-clip wefts measuring 1 3/8 inches
    • I doubled my wefts for all of my pieces
  • Cut a piece of extension tape slightly longer than your wefts.
  • Carefully apply the tape to the hair, about a quarter of an inch below the machine weft. Repeat on your second weft.
  • Spread a layer of bonding glue on top of the hair (opposite side of the tape). Repeat on your second weft.
  • Line the two pieces up and press them together. I used a rat tail comb to help secure them.
  • Cut excess tape from the sides and the machine weft from the top.
  • Apply a layer of bonding glue to the top, where you removed the machine weft
  • Let the wefts set for 24 hours.
  • Sew clips onto the wefts.

Looking for styles to try with your new clip-ins? Check out this post for some inspo!

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