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Tom Ford Influenster: Cream & Powder Eye Color

Tom Ford Influenster Vox Box

The Tom Ford Influenster Vox Box was sent to me for free to review. All opinions are my own.

I was lucky enough to receive the Tom Ford Influenster Vox Box! Inside, I found the Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color in the shade golden peach.

Tom Ford Influenster

Is this eye color worth its $65 price tag?

Let me tell you something, I am so impressed with this packaging. It just feels luxurious.

Powder eye color

The top flips open to reveal the powder eye color. It's a shimmering gold. While the formula is smooth it's not as pigmented as I would like for the $65 price tag.

Tom Ford Influenster
Cream eye color

The top twists off to reveal the cream eye color. It's a warmer shade of gold, more on the pink side. I must say, the cream eye color formula is really nice. It's almost like a whipped texture. I had no problems getting this on my brush or applying it. This color has the most pigment when applied with a brush. I noticed the pigment fading away as I blended it with my finger.

Tom Ford Influenster
Using them together

These products work very nicely together. Using the cream eye color as a base, the powder intensifies the shimmer. This product is nice, but that's it. It's just nice. I wouldn't spend $65 on it, because there is nothing truly special about it. However, if you're a sucker for luxury packaging this will look great on your vanity!

Tom Ford Influenster

Learn how to use the duo to create an easy eye look

Check out this step by step everyday makeup tutorial using the Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color. Will you add this product to your collection?

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