The Vanessa Palette

A content goddess collaborates with Juvia's Place and this is the result. The Vanessa Palette is here!

This is Vanessa Gyimah's first collaboration. Vanessa is a makeup artist and beauty influencer, just in case you're not familiar with her. The collection includes a palette and two lip glosses.

Announcing the collection on Instagram, Vanessa wrote, "this palette is inspired by life struggles and wins!" She started as an inexperienced blogger and is now launching a collaboration with her favorite brand. Vanessa adds, "when the world tells you no and God says YES! You can do anything you set your mind to with faith!"

What's in the Palette

You will find four matte shades, a metallic shimmer, and a pearlescent shade in the Vanessa Palette.

The shade names are Extra, Perfectionist, BSG, Busy, Stush, and Akua.

vanessa palette

As we've come to expect from Juvia's Place, the eyeshadows are nicely pigmented. Stush and Akua are really vibrant when applied.

BSG, which stands for brown skin girl, and Busy are perfect transition shades. I love using BSG to add some depth.

Extra and Perfectionist are truly special shades. Extra is warmer toned gold, with a slight pink shift.

vanessa palette

The color shift is very subtle, so I wouldn't call it a duo-chrome. It's definitely more of a metallic shadow. Perfectionist compliments extra well. The shades are similar, but Perfectionist is pinker toned. In addition to that, it has a pearlescent finish.

In my experience, Extra and Perfectionist apply best with a damp brush. I did notice some fallout with both of these shades, but it's not anything major.

As an added bonus, all of the eyeshadows are really blendable.

This color story allows you to create every day and dramatic looks with this palette, which I love. The price point is great! You can pick this up for $15!

vanessa palette

I'm so happy I added The Vanessa Palette to my makeup collection! Are you going to try this palette?

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